Join Nightline

Are you looking to do something truly selfless for UEA students? Want to join one of the more clandestine societies on campus? Would you like to join a network of volunteers notorious across the country?

Why not join Nightline?

Nightline depends on its volunteers for providing great service across campus, and we are always looking for motivated students who are willing to join us and dedicate their time to help UEA students.

Nightliners are given comprehensive training and are asked to do a minimum number of shifts per term. Nightliners can get a lot out of working with us; it’s a great way to meet new people and develop valuable skills, such as effective listening and teamwork.

Training typically takes place once in Autumn Semester and once in Spring Semester, across a two-day weekend. Prior to this, there is a form to complete which is usually released to interested persons a few weeks ahead of the training intake. If you have any questions, then please contact our External Co-ordinators at or DM us on our Instagram @norwichnightline.

FAQs about Volunteering with Nightline

A lot of people are unsure about just what a volunteer does, so we’ve created this handy FAQ section to answer any questions you may have before joining us.

What does a shift with Nightline look like?

When you start a shift with Nightline, you will be in our fully equipped office with all the necessary technology to take contacts. We also have a bathroom, kitchen with amenities, (including snacks!) games and beds.

Once you make your bed, you will set up all the technology and touch base with committee to start the shift… then the shift begins! So long as you stay within the office unless there is an emergency and take any contacts, you are free to spend the evening how you like.
Will I be taking calls all night?

Of course not! While we don’t share our exact numbers to the public, there is a lot of downtime on shifts. During this downtime, you are free to do whatever you like. Our volunteers like to hang out with each other, study, sleep or even watch some TV together!
Do I have to do the shift on my own?

Volunteers are never left on their own during a shift for their own safety. You will always be with at least one other volunteer at all times during your shift, and while you are new within the service, we will always ensure that the volunteer with you is experienced enough to show you the ropes. We also make sure committee touch base with you at least once during the shift, and you will be able to contact committee at any point. We pride ourselves on supporting volunteers at all times so they never feel left alone, so don’t worry! You will always have a friendly face to turn to during your time with us!
What’s in it for me?

We think that the opportunity to provide a service that helps look after the mental wellbeing of UEA students is rewarding enough… but if you need more incentive:
∙ Joining one of the more secretive societies on campus, making unexpected friends for life!
∙ A fully equipped office with kitchen, food, bathroom and supplies, technology, sleeping areas, games and wellbeing tools.
∙ Cohesive training to equip you to be an effective listener, great teamwork, and even opportunities for leadership within committee!
∙ Thorough mental support, including fast tracked counselling, your own support services and a network of friendly committee members who will be there to listen to you!
∙ Socials, publicity events and fundraisers and meetings with funded meals.

And so much more… but we can’t spoil it all here, can we?
How many shifts do I have to do?

Contrary to popular belief, volunteering with Nightline isn’t supposed to be a job. We allow volunteers to choose shifts when best suits their schedules, so there is no rota assigned by anybody. While we do have a minimum number of shifts required a term, this is a very small amount, and most volunteers find themselves going over this number within weeks!
What are the requirements for me to join?

All we ask is that our volunteers are 18 or over, can speak good English and are a student at UEA.

Apart from that, there are no requirements! We pride ourselves in our accommodating attitude, meaning that we welcome all students, and will always make necessary accommodations, such as disability adjustments (wheelchair access, a quiet room, sensory adjustments, service animals) LGBT+ inclusivity, media help and extra training sessions. Please let us know when you apply to our service how we can make your time at Nightline most comfortable for you!
What’s the application form like?

First things first… it is not a test! We’re not trying to trick you or test you. We just want to see what potential we will be working with. We know that your answers won’t be perfect, but we aren’t looking for perfection: there would be no point in training you if you already knew how to be a volunteer!

The application form includes your details, and accessibility requirements, dietary preferences, etc. We will then teach you a bit about our policies and how we work, and then give a short test based on what we’ve made you read (psstt… you can go back to the previous page!) Then we will ask you to write a response to a mock email.

While we estimate it should take around half an hour, it is not timed, and you may take as long as you need to complete it to the best of your abilities.
Is there a chance I will be rejected?

While we want nothing more to take on everybody who applies, there are some rare instances where we may have to turn down an application, either through the application form or on the training weekend. However, if you are turned down, please don’t let that stop you from applying again! Unless you are explicitly told you may not apply again, sometimes it is a matter of not being quite ready, which is totally fine.
What does the training weekend look like?

If successful, we will contact you with the dates for a training weekend which will take place over two days on campus (the exact time and locations will be in your email to keep our confidentiality.)

The training weekend will involve meeting the committee in person and your training cohort, before going through the manual in an interactive and engaging manner so you’re not bored! We ensure plenty of breaks throughout the weekend to keep you sharp. On the second day, you will complete a short assessment roleplay. Once you pass this, congratulations! You are officially a Nightliner.

We also provide your own training manual, food on the second day and some gifts; we promise it’s good fun!
What do I do if I am successful but can’t make the training weekend?

Though we would love to accommodate everyone’s schedule, unfortunately we are unable to offer multiple training weekends. However, don’t panic! If you are successful in your application, we will keep your contact information (with your permission) to invite you to the next training weekend… so you won’t have to fill out another application!