Meet the Committee

Nightline Committee, 2018-2019:

External Co-ordinator: Jake

Hey I’m Jake, I’m a IR and Politics student and I’m the main public face of Norwich Nightline. My job is to meet with external agencies and stakeholders on Nightline’s behalf, in order to make sure we get what we need to operate, and to maintain good working relations with the rest of the university and our students. I also do a lot of talks and will likely be the person replying to any enquiries you may have. I am contactable via [email protected]. Get in touch!

Internal Co-ordinators: Dave, Adam and Naomi

Hi! We’re Dave, Adam and Naomi. Our role on committee all about looking out for the welfare of our volunteers.

Contact: [email protected]

Treasurer: Alice

Hello all, I’m the treasurer for Nightline, so it’s my job to make sure we have enough money for training weekends, office supplies and (most importantly) tea and biscuits for our volunteers. I drink more than twice as much tea as the average Brit per day, and my favourite biscuits for dunking are rich teas.

Contact: [email protected]

Publicity & Fundraising Team: Joe and Fiona

Hey, I’m Joe, half of the funlicity team. I’m the guy who tries to get us money, makes sure everyone knows who we are and bribes the Nightline Bear with honey sandwiches to turn up at events. Outside of Nightline I’m a Psychology student who spends too much time looking at pictures of dogs.

Hi i’m Fiona and I’m studying Education 🙂 This year I’m working with Joe to deal with all things fundraising and publicity!

Contact us at: [email protected]

Policy Officer: James

Hey, I’m James and my job as policy officer to maintain and uphold Nightline’s policies in relation to all aspects of operation. I also attend Union Council on Nightline’s behalf, and am responsible for sustaining Nightline’s non-judgemental apolitical stance at these meetings.

For policy enquiries, contact me at [email protected]

Office Organiser: Naomi

Hi, I’m Naomi – the Office Organiser for Nightline. I am a Psychology second year and I have been part of Nightline since the beginning of my first year.  As the Office Organiser, it’s my job to make sure that our office is kept as comfortable and homely as possible for both our volunteers and drop-ins.

Contact: [email protected]

Supplementary Training: Tomas

Hello everyone! 🙂 As supplementary training officer I provide additional training for Nightline volunteers.
This could come from my own interests or what Nightliner’s recommend! 

Contact: [email protected]

Social Secretary:  Raj

Hello, I’m Raj and I’m the Nightline Social Secretary for the 2018/19 academic year. My role is to organise socials for the Nightline community and ensuring that everyone here truly feels part of the Nightline family. Throughout the year I organise bar crawls, quizzes and other socials. If you have any suggestions then feel free to email me at [email protected]
Training Officer:  Becca

Hey, I’m Becca. I’m excited to be the training officer for the year, which makes it my responsibility to organise our training weekends and recruit all our newbies. Currently I am a second-year psychology student with a slight obsession with board games.

Contact: [email protected]

Technology & New Media Officer:  Jack

Hi, I’m Jack and I’m a second year Psychology student. In my free time I try my best to learn how to make websites properly, and I like do graphics design and play video games. In Nightline, I maintain all of our services that use the internet and technology, such as our website (the one you are on right now!) and our contact systems.

Contact: [email protected]

Secretary: Eva

Hey there! As secretary, I keep everything organised and keep track of what’s said in all the committee meetings. I also do all the room bookings amongst a few other responsibilities.

Contact: [email protected]

Family Officer:  Charlotte

Hello, I’m Charlotte and I study International Development. As family officer I am responsible for ensuring our volunteers are supported in the work they do by placing them in families where they receive refresher training.

Contact: [email protected]

Generals: Adam, Alex H, Alexander H

We are general committee members which means we’re here to help the other committee members with anything they need throughout the year, and fill in for any absences.
Contact us at: [email protected]

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