Meet the Committee

Nightline Committee, 2017-2018:

External Co-ordinator: Alyssa Girvan

Hey all. As external co-ordinator I handle all of our business with various organisations and individuals that work with Nightline. I’ve been a member of Nightline for three years and don’t do too much else with my life. If you would like to know more, give me an email at [email protected]

Internal Co-ordinators: Dave and Kit

Hi I’m Dave, one half of the internal coordinators and a PhD student in ENV. The role is all about looking out for the welfare of our volunteers. Heya! I’m Kit, a 2nd year Chemistry student who’s third year project is probably going to be a baking soda volcano. I’m also the other half of the internal team. Our number one job is looking after our volunteers and making sure they’re alright.Contact: [email protected]
Treasurer: Isaac

Howdy! I’m the treasurer for Nightline, so it’s my job to make sure we have enough money for training weekends, office supplies and (most importantly) biscuits for you guys. I drink more than twice as much tea as the average Brit per day, and I promise I never say ‘Howdy’ in real life.

Publicity & Fundraising Team: Joe and Megan.
Hi, I’m Joe a first-year Psychology student, who is also half of the Fundraising and Publicity team. When I’m not doing Nightline stuff I watch bad horror films on Netflix and make bad puns. If you’re interested in getting involved with our fundraising and publicity work feel free to contact us at [email protected]
Policy Officer: Jake

Hey, I’m Jake and my job as policy officer to maintain and uphold Nightline’s policies in relation to all aspects of operation. I also attend Union Council on Nightline’s behalf, and am responsible for sustaining Nightline’s non-judgemental apolitical stance at these meetings. Personally, I enjoy hiking, video/photo editing and cooking anything in that red chinese marinade stuff. For policy enquiries, contact me at [email protected]

Office Organiser: Eva

I’m Eva, your Office Organiser. I study Translation and Interpreting (yes, that is indeed a thing) in my second year and have been part of Nightline since the beginning of my first year. As the Office Organiser, it’s my job to make sure that our office is kept as nice and comfortable as possible for both our volunteers and drop-ins.
Feel free to contact me and let me know if I’m doing my job right: Have you got a suggestion? We’re out of biscuits? Something broke? Anything non-technical to do with the office – tell me and I’ll do my best to get it sorted!

Supplementary Training: Grace

Hey! I’m Grace, I’m a second year English Lit and Creative Writing student, and I’m the Supplementary Training Officer! Basically it’s my job to organise awesome (but informative) extra training sessions to make sure all our skills as Nightliners are on fleek!

Social Secretary:  Raj

Hello, I’m Raj and I’m your Social Secretary for the 2017/18 academic year. My role is to organise socials for the Nightline community and ensuring that everyone here truly feels part of the Nightline family. Throughout the year I will be organising bar crawls, quizzes and other socials, however if you have any suggestions then feel free to email me at [email protected]
Training Officer:  Zainab

Hi, I’m Zainab. I’m the training officer. It’s my responsibility to organise our termly training weekends, and recruit the newbies. I’m a third year psychology student, and I love water sports.

Contact: [email protected]

Technology Officer:  Lewis

Hi, I’m Lewis and I’m in my final year of studying Biology. In my free time I play Quidditch (no, really) and occasionally try to dance, either way it’s quite a spectacle. I turn things off and on again conduct maintenance of our technology, such as this website and our computers.

Contact: [email protected]

Secretary: Beth

Hi, I’m Beth. I’m the secretary for Norwich Nightline, so my job is primarily admin like booking rooms and taking minutes from our weekly meetings. I’m a second year psychology student who’s still a little upset that dogs aren’t allowed in student accommodation.

Contact: [email protected]

Generals: Jiayi, Shadi and Becca

Hello, I am Jiayi. As one of the generals my main duty is to support all the other committee members and Norwich Nightline as a whole. Apart from being a 3rd year pharmacy student, I’m also a huge foodie.

I’m Shadi, a 3rd year pharmacy student obsessed with baking brownies. We are generals, we help the other committee members out. We do a bit of everything, so we know a lot! If you have any enquiries let us know and we’ll help.

Hi, I’m Becca, one of your generals for the year and a first-year psychology student. I’m here to be help for any other members of the committee and am really glad to be a part of Nightline. I also really like board games and am aiming for the best collection on campus.

Contact us at: [email protected]


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