Meet the Committee

Note for volunteers: If you need to contact any committee member that does not have their email listed, please use our internal database to find their contact information (this is to prevent spam).

Nightline Committee, 2019-2020:

External Co-ordinator: Alexandra

Hey everyone! I’m Alexandra (Alex for short – too many syllables!) and I study Psychology. My job as external is to manage communications for Nightline to get what we need to support students, like with stakeholders and external organisations. If you have any general enquires or want to get in touch, my email is [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!

Internal Co-ordinators: Adam, Naomi

Hi! We’re Adam and Naomi. Our role on committee all about looking out for the welfare of our volunteers.

Contact us at [email protected]

Treasurer: Stuart

Hi, I’m Stuart and I study bio-medicine (not actual medicine, I can’t do anything useful) . My role as treasurer involves keeping track of all the money we spend on crucial things like tea and pizza. I was born on the Shetland islands (the weird place in the corner of UK maps) and enjoy crime documentaries and conspiracy theories. 

Publicity & Fundraising Team: Josie and Jack

Hey, my name’s Josie! I’m one half of the funlicity team here on committee and a third year history student. We aim to make sure everyone knows and talks about our brilliant service whilst trying our very best to tame the unruly Nightline Bear.

Hi my name’s Jack and I’m the other half of funlicity. We are responsible for making sure that people are aware of what Nightline is and what we do.

Contact us at [email protected]

Policy Officer: Rob

Hey, I’m Rob and I’m a second year biochemistry student. My role as policy officer is to maintain, uphold and adjust Nightline’s policies in relation to all aspects of operation. I also attend Union Council on Nightline’s behalf, and am responsible for sustaining our non-judgemental apolitical stance at these meetings.

For policy enquiries, contact me at [email protected]

Office Organiser: Meg

Hi, I’m Meg – the Office Organiser for 2019/20. I’m a third year Psychology student and I’m responsible for keeping the office comfortable and well stocked for volunteers on shift!

Supplementary Training: Mel

Hi there, I’m Mel – a 3rd year Psychology student – and I’m Nightline’s supplementary training officer. I organise additional training sessions for our volunteers several times a year. These sessions are about all sorts of mental health and wellbeing related topics and ensure that volunteers are comfortable with the various issues of the Nightline day-to-day (plus I’d like to think that they are just generally interesting). If you have any questions or requests for upcoming training sessions, please feel free to get in contact with me.

Social Secretary:  Agnes

Hey, I’m Agnes. My role is to organise socials for the Nightline community, making sure everyone feels like a part of it and has a chance to meet each other outside the office. Throughout the year I organise bar crawls, quizzes and other socials.
Training Officers:  Kate and Jake

Hey, we’re Kate and Jake, and are excited to be the two training officers for the year, which makes it our responsibility to organise our training weekends and recruit all our newbies. 

Contact us at: [email protected]

Technology & New Media Officer:  Alexander

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a Psychology student. My role in Nightline, is to maintain all of our services that use the internet and technology, such as our website (the one you are on right now!) and our contact systems.

Contact me at: [email protected]

Secretary: Kriti

Hi, I’m Kriti. I’m a third year biological sciences student. As secretary, I am in charge of keeping everything organized and keeping track of minutes during committee meetings. I’m also in charge of room bookings and organizing statistics.

Family Officer:  Rosie

Hello! I’m Rosie and I study psychology. As family officer I organise family meetings, where volunteers are supported by their family groups, receive refresher training and get all the latest Nightline updates.

Generals: Alice, Markus

We are general committee members which means we’re here to help the other committee members with anything they need throughout the year, and fill in for any absences.