Meet the Committee

Note for volunteers: If you need to contact any committee member that does not have their committee email listed here, please use our internal database to find their contact information (this is to prevent spam).

Nightline Committee, 2022-2023:

External Co-ordinator: Harriet  

My job as External Coordinators is to manage Norwich Nightline’s relations with any external bodies, whether that be the Students’ Union, UEA itself, the Nightline Association or the press. I am the main public face of the committee, so you’ll likely see me giving any Nightline-related speeches and at events around campus. I also have general strategic oversight of the Norwich Nightline branch and try to keep us operating at a good standard.

If you have a professional enquiry, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I would be happy to hear from you!
Internal Co-ordinators: Mo, Olivia

As Internal Co-ordinators, we are responsible for the welfare of our volunteers.

Contact us at [email protected]
Secretary: Trish

As Secretary, I take minutes and generally keep everything organised for our committee meetings. I also organise our statistics and book rooms.
Policy Officer: Tia  

My role as Policy Officer is to maintain, uphold, and adjust Norwich Nightline’s policies in relation to all aspects of its operation. I also attend Union Council on Nightline’s behalf and am responsible for sustaining our non-judgemental, apolitical stance at these meetings.

For policy enquiries, contact me at [email protected]
Treasurer: Silver

I manage the finances and budget of Norwich Nightline and make sure all expenses are approved by the committee.
Publicity & Fundraising Team: Silver

As Funding and Publicity officers, we spend most of our time running social media and setting up publicity events to ensure that people know about the service and that we get volunteers at each intake.

Contact us at [email protected]
Training Officer: Currently shared between the committee but…

Role open for 2022-23 | Please contact the committee to apply.

As Training Officer, It is my responsibility to organise our training weekends and the recruitment of all our new volunteers.

Contact me at: [email protected]
Technology & New Media Officer: Dovydas

As Technology Officer, I am responsible for all things technology related at Norwich Nightline. This includes managing our Norwich Nightline website, as well as helping resolve any tasks and issues regarding our office technologies and online internal systems.

Contact me at: [email protected]
Family Officer: Alejandro 

As Family Officer, I organise family meetings where volunteers are supported by their family groups, receive refresher training and get all the latest Nightline updates.
Office Organiser:

Role open for 2022-23 | Please contact committee to apply.

I am responsible for keeping the office comfortable and well stocked for volunteers on shift!
Social Secretary:

Role open for 2022-23 | Please contact committee to apply.

My role is to organise socials for the Nightline community. My goal is to make sure everyone feels included and has a chance to meet each other outside of the office. Throughout the year I organise bar crawls, quizzes and other social events. Any social events will follow government guidance related to COVID-19.
Supplementary Training: Tia

As Supplementary Training Officer, I will be providing all sorts of additional training that will ensure our volunteers are prepared and confident.
Generals: Roles currently Unavailable

Roles currently unavailable.

We are general committee members which means we’re here to help the other committee members with anything they need throughout the year, and fill in for any absences.