Our Policies

We have a comprehensive set of policies covering how we manage our service. Below are the details of some important policies that cover the way we respect your information and the way we manage calls around suicide.

If you would like to know more about our policies, then please contact our Policy Officer at nl.policy.uea@gmail.com..

Privacy and Cookies Policy 

Click here to view our Privacy and Cookies Statement for this website and the services that we provide.

Confidentiality and Suicide Policy 

We are a confidential and anonymous organisation. This means we do not share the details of our callers or our volunteers outside of our service. We will not ask you to share any personal details, attempt to identify you or approach you outside of the calls you make. However, we may need to make an exception to this if you reveal details of a crime or tell us someone is in danger including you. For full details see here.

Technology Anonymity Statement 

Norwich Nightline technologies have the capability to display the identity of the contact via details such as Skype usernames and phone numbers when contacting a Norwich Nightline via Skype or text. These details will not be noted down by volunteers unless a contact reveals a genuine intent to commit a crime, act of terrorism, or to take their own life (see our confidentiality policy). Telephone calls, emails and the Nightline IM system are completely anonymous.